Why NFTs are much bigger than art — rise of a new dot-com era.

So -what is an NFT exactly?

Well is stands for Non-Fungible Token, or in simple terms…

  1. How to constantly improve a product until users love it (reaching produce market fit) …

According to someone who studied it.

Before doing a 4-year degree in AI and Software Engineering, I’d always wonder:

”If AI is so good why don’t we use it in our day to day lives?”

After a lot of studying and trying my hand in computer vision and my own research, I realised: ML has so…

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Ways to consume information faster

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

Principles to actually absorb information

1.) Undo ‘git add’ for a specific file 📄

Type into terminal:

 git reset <file>

2.) OR unstage all files 📂

git reset

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